No More Regrets: Tattoo Removal is Possible, Easy, Stress-Free, and Affordable

It’s a big decision to GET a tattoo. And, it’s a big decision to have one removed. A lot of people get tattoos and years later regret them.

There are also plenty of people that LOVE their tattoos but want to “rethink” them a bit. They want to change it in such a way that will allow them to add something new or change a certain aspect of the design.

We have found that there are a lot of misconceptions about tattoo removal. So, let’s clear a few things up. First and foremost, it CAN be done. And, it can be done with minimal scarring. Another myth we’d like to dispel has to do with price. The fact is, tattoo removal IS affordable and easy payment options are available that work with most budgets.

Today’s laser technology has advanced making tattoo removal thorough and successful with fewer treatments. Unfortunately, while the technology exists, most tattoo establishments and most spas don’t have the latest lasers and equipment necessary. This means more treatments and less success, especially with colors.

That’s not the case at Colorado Tattoo Removal.

Colorado Tattoo Removal experts use the Enlighten Picosecond laser, the newest technology that quickly and effectively remove tattoos and that allows for fewer treatments. So effective, it’ll be like the tattoo was never there! Our expert staff uses this technology to deliver the best results – safely and comfortably – with minimal risk of scarring and essentially little to no downtime. And, best of all, we have affordable payment options.

Here’s how the Enlighten works: Ink particles come in different sizes and formations. A powerful laser like the Enlighten delivers peak power at the depth and spot needed to shatter the ink into microscopic bits that the body flushes through its lymph system.

Quite often we get asked if a tattoo is “really gone” after a course of treatments. We’ve heard the horror stories, too: you pay lots of money and when all is said and done, the tattoo is still visible and some experience scarring. Well, that’s not what you’ll experience at Colorado Tattoo Removal. Yes, the tattoo is really gone! On rare occasions – especially if a tattoo is particularly large and colorful – a “shadow” or “ghost” will remain, but in most cases, we are able, over the course of several treatments, to remove the tattoo entirely.

We also get asked if the process is painful. In the past, that may have been true. But, again, because the technology we use is so advanced, most clients tell us that the treatments are nothing compared to RECEIVING the tattoo!

Here are some other questions we often get asked…and some answers that we KNOW will make you happy!

How long does it take and how many treatments does it take? Timing depends on how large a tattoo is and the colors used (greens and blues used to be the most difficult, but new technology makes it easier). Usually, removing a tattoo takes about three to four treatments.

How much does it cost? Prices range from $500 to $2500, depending on the size of the tattoo. And, at Colorado Tattoo Removal we offer several different payment options.

Will I have scarring? In rare cases, clients might have minimal scarring but with our technology, we are able to assess your skin type and adjust the treatment accordingly to avoid scarring.

Is there downtime? While we caution that you should not go swimming or get the area wet, you should be able to resume your regular activity immediately.

Is it possible to remove a huge tattoo that covers a large area of the body and that’s particularly colorful? Yes. It will take more treatments than for a smaller tattoo, but it can be done.

Sometimes we will have a client who comes to us NOT for a tattoo removal, but for a “tattoo revision.” They don’t want the entire image removed, but rather just part of it. Their body is a canvas and they are ready to create something new. The precision of Enlighten picosecond laser is perfect for this type of service. As with all of our treatments, services, and products: it’s all about YOU and what YOU need and want to feel and look your best!

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Lynnwood McClure
Lynnwood McClure
posted 3 months ago

I am a returning client coming from out of town. Susan accommodated my limited timeframe and was the only one I would trust to re-do my eyeliner. The experience was clean, sensitive and professional. I hope to have my follow up during one of her trips to Charleston. My only wish is that they were able to give me a couple of small ice pads for the "road".

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