The Most Advanced Laser System for Tattoo Removal

Our expert Aesthetician and Certified Laser Technician use the Enlighten Picosecond laser, the newest technology that quickly and effectively removes tattoos, which in turn allows for fewer treatments. The Enlighten process is so effective, you’ll feel like the tattoo was never there! We use this technology to deliver the best results – safely and comfortably. Many people assume that the laser removes their unwanted ink, but that isn’t the case. Lasers target the pigment of your tattoo ink and break it into smaller particles. This enables the body’s
immune system to dispose of the ink, causing the tattoo to fade and eventually disappear. Ink particles come in different sizes and formations. A powerful laser like the Enlighten delivers peak power at the depth and spot needed to shatter the ink into microscopic bits that the body flushes through its lymph system. The result is a less painful process that requires fewer sessions than older technology, with better results!

Astonishingly Affordable

Prices range from $500 to $2500, depending on the size of the tattoo. And, we offer several different payment options.

Zero Scarring

In rare cases, clients might have minimal scarring but, we are able to assess your skin type and adjust the treatment accordingly to avoid scarring.

Zero Downtime

While we caution that you should not go swimming or get the area wet, you should be able to resume your regular activity immediately.

Any Color, Any Size

We can remove huge tattoos that cover large areas of the body, and that’s particularly colorful. However, it will take more treatments than for a smaller tattoo.

Tattoo Revisions

Some clients aren’t looking for tattoo removal, but for a “tattoo revision.” Their body is a canvas and they are ready to create something new. We can help.


Lynnwood McClure
Lynnwood McClure
posted 3 months ago

I am a returning client coming from out of town. Susan accommodated my limited timeframe and was the only one I would trust to re-do my eyeliner. The experience was clean, sensitive and professional. I hope to have my follow up during one of her trips to Charleston. My only wish is that they were able to give me a couple of small ice pads for the "road".

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